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A Blog About My BF's Journey Into Chicken Farming


That’s What Bea Said

A Blog About My BF's Journey Into Chicken Farming

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How My Boyfriend Made A DIY Coop For His Chickens

One of the first few things you need to do when you start rearing chickens is preparing a home for your flock. In comes the chicken coop! There are more factors to consider before you decide to actually start off rearing an entire flock. The overall weather conditions in the area ought to be a crucial thing to consider. Are the climate or heat range in the location you’re living in extreme? Severe climatic conditions can result in ailments. An unhealthy flock could cost you a lot if left uncontrolled. If you intend on introducing more chickens to your present flock, make sure you separate them for no less than one week prior to deciding to place all of them together. Even if you have just 2-3 new chickens which have been suffering from a disease, the situation could become awful truly swiftly. Entire flocks are recognized to perish from diseases spread about through an individual chicken.

Your chicken coop needs to be aired regularly by using suitable ventilation. This really is essential if you would like to breed healthy chickens and produce top quality eggs. Check out for everything you need to know about raising chickens, especially the very important first step of building a coop. Cleansing your coop often will probably be important mainly because germs and disorders will quickly spread in a humid and messy coop. Sufficient air flow along with frequent cleaning ought to keep your chicken coop totally free of any horrible stench. Making use of moist absorbent resources like pine shavings or straw will be best if you don’t intend on cleaning up your coop daily.

You’ll want to have multiple nesting containers for the chickens to lay their eggs in. Chicken predators are generally encountered in the countryside areas but that doesn’t suggest that city areas are free from them. Hardware cloth will certainly be a recommended replacement for chicken wire in terms of supplying protection. They are a lot more resilient in nature and can ensure the protection of your flock.

The type of feed you supply your chickens is in the same way as vital. You’ll want to buy the appropriate feed for your chickens. It wouldn’t be smart to supply your chickens with your own cooked foodstuff because it wouldn’t be suited to them.

baby chick drinking water

A fresh and clean supply of drinking water will be optimal. If at all possible, always keep these supplies outside in the open as an alternative to leaving them in the coop or they may get contaminated from the feathers and also droppings. If their sources of food and water are contaminated with stool, the chickens could get sick.

Vaccination of your chickens is also a smart course of action. Even though it may be expensive in the beginning, you’ll end up saving much more time and money over time because your chickens are going to be healthy and free of diseases. A chicken coop may either be purchased immediately or you may elect to build up your own unit. Go on and buy a chicken coop if you just want to do it as a short-term undertaking.

People raise chickens for many different factors. Constantly harvesting the eggs and also meat may be reasonably lucrative if performed correctly. You could get some fun from this kind of venture. You will discover those health enthusiasts who are looking for options to the commercially produced products that are considered to be damaging to their long-term well-being. As appealing as this may sound, you should know that significant commitment will likely be needed to make this effective.

For instance, picking the right chicken breed and constructing an ideal chicken coop will be required. You have to know exactly what you’re seeking to get from keeping chickens. Do you anticipate simply just getting the chicken eggs or would you like to harvest the meat too? For the best eggs, rearing certain breeds will probably be needed. It may be a good idea to have all this sorted out before you actually proceed to develop a chicken coop.

Rearing chicks from scratch is another option you have. In order to get the chicks out from their eggs however, an incubation stage is going to be essential. It’ll be considerably easier nevertheless to get this done by raising a number of hens within your flock. Naturally, keeping an incubator in close proximity will be best.


How My Boyfriend Started A Chicken Farm


My boyfriend and I are city people. We live and work in the city and have been doing so for the past few years. Suddenly one day out of the blue, he decided to quit his job to farm chicken full time. We have since moved out to the suburbs to allow him to pursue his dreams.

I thought his journey can be pretty interesting to many people out there who are looking to live a life different from the ones they are currently living now. Therefore, I decided to blog about his journey in chicken farming here!

The first thing he did was to find a location where he would be allowed to farm chickens safely. We found a little place just outside the city’s borders which allows us to still connect with our friends yet cheap enough for us to afford.

Next, he created a business plan for his farm. Among things to include in your business plan is your short term and long term plans, what type of farm are you running whether it is for meat or eggs or both and lastly where are you going to get the funds to pay for all of these.

Lastly, he bought everything necessary to run a farm such as cages, egg trays, incubators, perches, watering and heating systems. He also built his very own coop – more on that in the next post!